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Bash Sweeties

Discussion in 'Thetford 2011' started by Artemis, May 20, 2011.

  1. Artemis

    Artemis Sweetie Goddess Club Sponsor

    The first lot of sweeties arrived today, so that's Centaur and Tank sorted........
  2. TANK0700

    TANK0700 big soft, not so cuddly Read Only

    ok ok you PC :wank:, Ethnic Minority jacks please , happy now :-0)
  3. John01XX

    John01XX Registered User Read Only

    Picked up a 6lb bag of Black Forest brand Gummy Bears today.

    All packed away in the luggage ready for the flight tomorrow afternoon.
  4. Artemis

    Artemis Sweetie Goddess Club Sponsor

    WOW 6lb!!!!
    Pam, I won't tell Tank,but I think there may be enough for him to have a few.

    The second consignment of sweeties has arrived in a big box. I think I'll go and open it now.
  5. Artemis

    Artemis Sweetie Goddess Club Sponsor

    Blubby hell!!! I just unpacked the sweeties and there's LOADS! Then I found some more on top of our freezer. 25 more packs of space dust (so we now have 75) Midget Gems, Chocolate Limes, Munchies, Mini Toffee Crisps, 3 bags of Mouam sweeties, 5 sweet dummies.......

    I now have a box, a paper carrier and the sweetie basket, all bursting at the seams.

    I hope all you little boys and girls have been good.
  6. wuz_uk

    wuz_uk R.I.P. member Read Only

    Chocolate Limes you must have read my mind now that is coooooooooool :eek:
  7. ScottyUK

    ScottyUK Filtering Through Club Sponsor

    Jeez !!! With that lot and an odd beer or two I don't think any one's gonna sleep for the days !!

  8. Artemis

    Artemis Sweetie Goddess Club Sponsor

    Well, one is a Goddess, after all.
  9. Jaws

    Jaws Corporal CockUp Staff Member Moderator Club Sponsor

    Arti, FJ has arrived and brought a huge bag of gummy bears !!

    Andddd... Now have 10 dummies for the Dummy spitting competition @tu*
  10. ScottyUK

    ScottyUK Filtering Through Club Sponsor


    Many thanks for the sweets but not only that but also for continually going around the site with your basket! @tu*

    Oh and I've just found two aniseed balls in my jacket pocket. nom nom nom :-0)

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