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Discussion in 'Coffee Shop' started by ianrobbo1, Jul 14, 2019.

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    may know, I have a CBF1000, it's very easy to ride, nowhere near as fast as my Bird, though it has the same shit problems as the bird (only twice the cost to replace parts) well as I'm still not up to riding regularly, I decided to sort out a dent in the tank, well after a practice on a spare Tank I have ( for the Bird ) I tried the glue pull method and used the "pokey" tools to shove the dents out from inside o_O after a bit, I felt confident enough to have a bash at the Biffer, on the first picture I've marked the dent, and after today's efforts in the next, I am dead chuffed with myself, and set about the car parking dents on Yvo's car, not 100% but an awful lot better than it was before. :)(y) IMG_20170923_181500 (1).jpg IMG_20190714_134654.jpg IMG_20190714_134707.jpg IMG_20190714_134822.jpg

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    Brilliant job Yin.... perfect !
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    I am not allowed to comment on driveways, shoddy diy, etc anymore as it apparently upsets people so I won't.

    But those shorts....are you serious!!

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    Putting the chainmail to good use, I see.....
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    I'll let Yvonne know you don't like her trousers I'm sure she'll be heartbroken and top herself when she finds out that Andrew regards them as something to ridicule.:roflmao::roflmao:
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