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Almost final deatils for the McBASH


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All packed ready for the off, when Yvo decides to get up, were going to leave the rain down here, :dunno: lets hope we all get there and back with no "incidents" this time!! :eek: I cant afford another engine re build!! :bang::bang:


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It is a quandary, what does one pack silk or cotton, cravat or tie, slacks or denim (bit rough but an adventurous look ) I do have a lovely pair of stay press straight leg that I am fond of, they give me a devil may care attitude, but are a bit nippy round the crutch. I have ruled out crimpoleen as it is so yesterday and one would be mortified if they fell out of the panniers.
I am thinking early David Essex look, waistcoat, open neck flowers, jeans and high pointy boots but as I am 50ish balding 5ft 6 and 15 stone I may not be able to pull it off (so to speak).
I have the carbollock soap and mycote talc packed along with the perpetration H (family size) just in case anybody needs to borrow some (please do bring your own applicator)
If anybody can think of something I might forget do please let me know.
See u all soon


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Spoke with Roy and Grant on the phone. All times and meeting points in place. Bike is packed buttys made full tank and clothes out ready. Just need sleep shower breakfast and to leave. See you all tomorrow.

Oh yeah don't forget the Mrs. :-0)