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A slight problem at Jaws !


Corporal CockUp
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Please guys, do not think this is a sneaky advert, as I reckon almost all of you already know that I run jaws-motorcycles..
It seems that the server I use to host the site has another user who has been sending bulk email ( crap in other words ! ) to AOL users.
AOL has banned all mail from the server, which means if you mailed me from my site I never got it !
I have altered all the mailing addys on the site now, but as this problem could have been going on for some time, it is likely that some of you think I have just ignored your mails..
I haven't and never would !!!
For the time being, could you please send any queries to me at my aol addy, which is :
Once again, appologise for any inconvenience folks....

fat bert

Oh - JAWS you forgot to mention~~~

Special Offer Price of ?2.50 on Microfibre cloths from ya website

Not that this is an advert mind you ROFLMAO!!!!!!

Note Cyclops can buy them for a quid at some cheappo supermarket - reckon they're just as good :t :t :t

Email him ....Cheapskate@never-get-ya-wallet-out.com