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A roadbooks software just for riders

Discussion in 'Touring Issues' started by thomas_091, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. thomas_091

    thomas_091 Registered User

    Hello all !

    I'm a french superblackbird rider; some of ou may remember i already shared with you the report of my trip in Great Britain. (http://www.bikersoracle.com/blackbird/forum/showthread.php?p=429667)

    Well, I wanted since a long time to create a free online roadbook software specially dedicated to riders, I mean which would propose you to use some 'biking roads' when building your trip.

    Thanks to google maps possibilities, and a lot of personal job, that's done :
    Here is http://www.trackandroad.net/motorbike-roadbooks



    How does that work :
    1) You set up departure and arrival
    2) The program proposes you the best biking roads which are along your trip. you choose the ones you want and can add some steps.
    3) Program computes the itinerary, and you get either a printable version, or a GPS file.


    I let you discover it by yourself :

    -To directly start to use it : http://www.trackandroad.net/motorbike-roadbooks

    -For a more comfortable initiation, I think it is more wise to first read the tutorial http://www.trackandroad.net/tutorial-roadbooks-software-A10-13_eng.php.

    And, of course, some of you may say that they know some interesting roads which are not referenced yet. A simple (and recommended!!) solution is to add it using the page Create a biking road (http://www.trackandroad.net/createBikingRoad.php) : other riders will have the possibility to enjoy it.
    North american riders (and people outside Europe in general) may notice that their regions are still desert...feel free to put the first stones here ...

    Thank you for your attention, and have a nice ride

    PS : If you like the project, don' t hesitate to talk about it around you, this will help to make the data base grow up
  2. Demonbane

    Demonbane Registered User Read Only

    absolutely excellent!

    superb job fella:bow:

    jaws can you sticky this please
  3. Duck n Dive

    Duck n Dive Rebel without a clue ... Club Sponsor

    Now that is really good :yo: :bow::bow:
  4. Scrappy

    Scrappy Guest

    A stonking idea :) I've already added Katies Cafe from Mansfield .... Great work and keep it up, thank you thomas.
  5. Jon and Anya

    Jon and Anya Registered User Read Only

    I think this should be a sticky
  6. Howard

    Howard Registered User Read Only

    Thomas - this is fantastic! just what I am looking for!:yo:
  7. Bornagain

    Bornagain Registered User Read Only

    Excellent work mon ami :bow:
  8. Portugeezer42

    Portugeezer42 Registered User Read Only

    Mon dieu! Fantastic. Merci mucho!

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