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a girls bike

Discussion in 'Owners Bikes' started by XXIris, Oct 9, 2002.

  1. XXIris

    XXIris Guest

    - Eagle Mach 7 4 in 1 complete exhaust system with ABE (needed in Germany) - no + of power, but better sound and the original is much heavier
    - MRA Racing Windshield
    - Bagster
    - HS1 singleseat
    - Racing footpegs
    - Bodystyle Hugger
    - Oxford super grips (it was a test, but it?s not better than the originals)
    - Wilbers frontsprings with soft oil
    - other rearlights
    - red painted signal lights (not permitted!)but looks good
    - no decals at plastics (I know what I ride)
    - gas cap decal (hm, nice)
    - red/black painted wheels
    - K&N airfilter
    - steel-lined? front break

    For the dark winterdays I bought new side plastics from Sebimoto. coal-kevlar-mix, but I must do some fineworks on it and at the moment it?s not painted. Another project is to do something with the Instruments.

    No pics at the moment - my bike is very dirty and I don?t like to clean it. I swear I love it
  2. Inspector

    Inspector Registered User Read Only

    Never mind the bike

    Just post a dirty picture of you :blush: :k :blush:
  3. Inspector

    Inspector Registered User Read Only

    Oh Sh1t

    Just noticed her boyfriend has now joined up as a new member today.
    God am I in the deep do do now. :B :bow: :B
  4. Rolfy Dave

    Rolfy Dave Registered User Read Only

    Dave, its not her boyfriend ....

    ...you need be worried about.... Iris can take care of herself :} :}

    Anyway, Frank is a real nice guy...

    There again Iris is gorgeous, and we all love her..

    Rolfy & Jan

    ps...Greets Iris :k
  5. XXIris

    XXIris Guest

    Dirty enough ?


    Rolfy Dave is right

  6. Inspector

    Inspector Registered User Read Only

    Well half OK

    At least it's a dirty picture, but you can't fool me, your not in it.
    Guess I'll just have to dig my Kelbra pictures out then :beer: :goofy:
  7. XXIris

    XXIris Guest

    Oh my god

    You took dirty pictures of me in Kelbra ? :blush:

    Well, I was young. I needed the money. :puke:

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