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Discussion in 'Coffee Shop' started by andyBeaker, Dec 6, 2018.

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    Well done that Dad.
  3. Jaws

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    It is such a difficult situation
    With the publicity she is now a candidate for bullying as kids will take advantage knowing she dare not retaliate
    He did the right thing trying to stop the girl, but should not have put it on facebook..Personally I think facebook twitter snapchat and all the other 'social media'* sites can be pointed at for the mess we are in with youngsters today

    *Social media... what a joke... antisocial media would be more correct
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  4. Stevebrooke

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    I told my son he could finish as many fights as he wanted, but if he ever started one he would have to face the consequences.
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  5. slim63

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    Imo walking to school isn't a punishment I half hope she gets a taste of her own medicine to be honest
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  7. ianrobbo1

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    A whole 5 miles!! wow, my school was 7 miles away, I used to ride a push iron or walk in all weathers. :yikes:
  8. Cougar377

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    Corrected for you. :D

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