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  1. russ_fae_fyvie

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    Here is a link to the 50 photos I took, think that was all !


    Great weekend, like to thank everyone who came;

    Clive & Gina (1 x Blackbird)
    Ian and Yvonne (1 x Blackbird)
    Rolf Dave & Jan
    John & Devora Harley (1 x Blackbird each!)
    Gabriel & Georgina Lodge (1 x Blackbird)
    Si (1 x BMW, but only coz Blackbird poorly!)
    Roy (1 x Thunderace)
    Scott (1 x Blackbird)
    Colin Fogarty (1 x Blackbird)
    John Collins (1 x Blackbird)
    Marc Ford (1 x F800GS)
    Paul Scott (1 x Blackbird)
    Derek (1 x Blackbird)
    John Bell (1 x Suzuki summit!)
    Uz (1 x Blackbird)

    So a total of 11 Blackbirds, 2 Beemers, 1 Yammy & 1 x Suzuki

    Great to see so many bikes and even amongst the Blackbirds the Red ones were not the main colour !!

    Apologies for the Friday night 'meal' hopefully the rest of the weekend made up for it !

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  2. noobie

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    Some lovely pictures there Russ, looks a hoot. Although the last picture of Keith Vaz going two up with a couple of Romanian rent boys might be worth removing.:-0)
  3. ScottyUK

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    Will have a go and uploading mine in the next day or two @tu*
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  4. russ_fae_fyvie

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    Damn i thought id deleted that!!

  5. andyBeaker

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    That part of the world is truly beautiful.

    I had forgotten what an ugly git Scottyuk is:-0)
  6. ScottyUK

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    I'll never forgive you! You should have ordered and tried every dish and drink in every place that we ate and drunk!!

  7. russ_fae_fyvie

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    Its funny you say that !!

    Janice said when we got home after riding through Newtonmore, Aviemore, Kingussie, and all points between, that we will have to try all the decent looking hotels in time for next years McBASH, just to make sure whichever one we choose is ok !!

    Its a job but someone has to do it !!

  8. DiverBones

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    We stayed at the Duke of Gordon Hotel in Kingussie on the way back. Big hotel, big car park, big room and bathroom. Friendly staff and entertainment - music - at night. The night we were there there were two coach parties - one German, one British. Dinner was, at best, mediocre (fixed menu). Breakfast OK. Not much alternative choice in town.
  9. russ_fae_fyvie

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    Yeah we passed that one too, had lunch there one day a while ago and wasnt impressed, reckon we will be looking for a smaller one that doesnt take coach parties coz they seem too big to be bothered.

  10. bmwdumptruck

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    We stayed one night in Kingussie a few weeks ago. Can't recall the name, but it was an old vicarage, set back from the road in amongst trees. Had a really good restaurant, evening meal and breaky were both excellent. Served 'Hogswill' beer too. Only small neggie was the gravel drive complete with hairpin bend.
  11. russ_fae_fyvie

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    Wonder how long this will stay on !!

    Amazing backdrop too :-0)

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  12. russ_fae_fyvie

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    Here's the last photo from this years McBASH plus a few words !

    Roll on the Highland McBASH 2017 !

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