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2014 Stickers


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Ok thats the new ones ready for all those coming.


They've come out a bit pale on the scan but you get the idea, slight change to this years deign !

Anyone else got a full set ??!!


There will another little something as a memento as well, will it be a tee shirt, jacket patch, Bottle of Malt (small!) or...........(as we've already had them) summit else !!

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Errr yes to a full set.
As for the other item.......all of the above :-0)


Talking of which
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I have some where, if you have any spare for all years I wouldn't mind another set. Any freebees always gratefully received :-0)

Rolfy Dave

Been there, and had one
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Just wish we could earn one... Sadly now, probably not to be :)-(

But, if the extra is a single malt... I'll have yours Ian :-:




quocunque jeceris stabit
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Yup, full set even for the year Gina and I couldn't make it, 5th year attending this year. Every year gets better Russ.



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Shame, I'd got visions of riding the bike with that on, like I was a "Knight of old" doing the "Jousting"!! and the badge as me "Shield" 8rfl@8rfl@