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2012 Route to Fyvie?

Discussion in 'Scottish bash (2010-2012 )' started by Punchy, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. Punchy

    Punchy Registered User Read Only

    Garmin is giving me a route to Fyvie as A55, M56, M6, A74, M74, M8, M80, M9, A90 and A947.

    Can McBash regulars suggest a better route?

    Cheers Roy
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  2. russ_fae_fyvie

    russ_fae_fyvie Been there, and had one Club Sponsor

    Thats more or less the direct way Roy although not necessarily the best!

    I think a few of those travelling will have some suggestions shortly !!
  3. damientt

    damientt Registered User Read Only

    Home to Larne. Ferry. Troon, Erskine Bridge, Crianlarich, Fortwilliam, Aviemore, Aberlour (?) and then towards Fyvie.

    In the name of Allah the most merciful, the most compassionate, let the feckin' rain stop.
  4. silverfox.xx

    silverfox.xx quocunque jeceris stabit Club Sponsor

    From the east, we use the road to jedburgh, from Newcastle, the Edinburgh, than east coast to aberdeen. All I can suggest, until kenny comes along is keep off the main roads once you hit Scotland, better scenery. Try setting the sat nav for shortest route rather than fastest. That might help.
  5. Saffie

    Saffie Ex-Member Read Only

    If you guys have got a eta for edinburgh I wouldnt mind joining for the run up.
  6. McMuckles

    McMuckles Registered User Read Only

    I think that's where the Fox comes in, that's their route from home,but believe
    t their plan for this year is to approach from the NW of Scotland instead!
  7. ceoils

    ceoils Registered User Read Only

    saffie what time you expecting to leave edinburgh ? I am possibly planning on spending night there at sons place so can link up there
  8. Punchy

    Punchy Registered User Read Only

    Just had another look at my route and changed it to run through Edinburgh.
    So its taking me on the A74 then A702. Or would I be better off going on the
    A7 through Hawick and Galashiels?



  9. silverfox.xx

    silverfox.xx quocunque jeceris stabit Club Sponsor

    Normal route is scotch corner, jedburgh, Edinburgh, then head aberdeen. It depends on your time, but across country from Edinburgh is worth it.

    McMuckles, Friday we're dropping down from inverness side. Bonar bridge.
  10. Saffie

    Saffie Ex-Member Read Only

    I am easy mate whenever you want too I dont mind at all, at least this time we can be on bikes instead of standing nexto them :)
  11. ceoils

    ceoils Registered User Read Only

    email sent
  12. Saffie

    Saffie Ex-Member Read Only

    Replied hehehe
  13. Punchy

    Punchy Registered User Read Only

    Right I think I have my final route sorted
    M6 to A74
    Come off just north of Gretna and join the B7076 which runs parallel to the A74M.
    A702 across to Edinburgh, M90 up to Perth then join the A94 and head for Forfar.
    A90 up towards Aberdeen.

    464 miles with just over 8 hour running time.



  14. Wolfie

    Wolfie Is a lunp Read Only

    doing well to average 58mph including fuel stops.

    kinda wish i was going what with all this route planning now.
  15. Punchy

    Punchy Registered User Read Only

    The time is not including fuel stops.

    I get nearly as much enjoyment out of the route planning as the journey itself.

  16. Wolfie

    Wolfie Is a lunp Read Only

    snap. like sitting there looking up fuel stops and distances etc , then marking down timings
  17. gypsy

    gypsy MAN on the PAN Read Only

    Better off saving your money so you can buy your daughter a decent phone w;;v
  18. AV8TOR

    AV8TOR Sponsor Read Only

    I will be heading off on Friday morning & taking the most fun route !
    Cumbernauld : Crieff A80 M80 A9 A822 A85 & back onto the A822 : Dunkeld then A923 : Blairgowrie onto A93 : Braemar then turn onto A97 at Dinnet then onto B9119 : A980 Muir of Fowlis quick short cut onto A944 onto B992 : Insch stay on B992 pick up the A920 at Folla Rule shortcut over the hill to Fyvie it's the only way to get there keep off the main roads they are just no fun at all, not to mention you don't get to see the best bits & our Awesome roads.

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