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2011 May Bash !!!!


Corporal CockUp
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I think my poor old girl is a bit past a wash and brush up..
needs some serious work on forks, wheels, swing arm, body work.. Other than that its fine !


Sweetie Goddess
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How is himself Artie... ?

His head has healed quite well, but is still rather sore, but he is also suffering from what the quacks are calling whiplash.

His neck and the top if his spine are giving him constant pain, so he's not sleeping much either. Physio have given him a TENS machine and acupuncture, but even with painkillers as well, he's still in pain. Means he can't work yet as he can't turn his neck very easily.

He is driving short distances on his own, i.e. to the quack, the physio and the local shop, but any further than that, I have to be with him to do the looking round for him.

Still, at least he's still here, eh?

Rolfy Dave

Been there, and had one
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Looks like we'll be bikeless. Himself still can't get a helmet on his head, but as he also can't turn his neck very far, the helmet problem is almost a moot point!

At least he can look where he's going...

BTW... We'll bring your salad dressing jar with us when we come @tu*

See ya soon,

Rolfy & Jan

john bell

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Count me in, will sort payment in the morn from my work.
will travel south friday v v early to be there for the kick aff leaving early sunday too be home for work monday @tu*