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£2k Barn find


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Well...a garage find really. A neighbour of mine bought this new in 1999, 2 weeks after passing his test and his 50th birthday. Unfortunately, he passed away 6 yrs ago and the bike hasn`t run since. 2 weeks ago, his widow told me she still had the bike ( thought it was long gone ), and was I interested? Under a dusty cover, in a dusty garage, It was a Howard Carter moment. £2k later and a 30 meter push, its on my drive.
A quick wash down and a new bike emerged like a Phoenix........ so...new battery, oil & filter, air filter, plugs, CCT, coolant, brake & clutch fluid replaced ( all from Jaws Motorcycles, just 2 miles from my house, thnx Gary), and the 19 wire `loom mod` completed..( thnx Jaws), turned the engine over manually via the back wheel, new fuel with a splash of injector cleaner. Was expecting the motor to spin a couple of times, cough and splutter, but no such....burst into life at the touch of the button, couldn't believe it Wing Rack 2 luggage has never been used and the brake light in the top box works. New tyres and an MOT due soon.....when the sun shines...of course.
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Dropped on there buddy, only a mile from JAWS myself (leigh) which is handy. Enjoy the bike.