B.I.R.D. Members Database

Members in the United States

Choice Of Weapon:  

Name: Noel Adam
E-Mail: zypp@crestedbutte.net
Area: Colorado
Choice Of Weapon: 1999 XX with Corbin Seat and Givi Screen.

Name: Craig Adams
E-Mail: Craig.Adams@med.ge.com
Area: Southern Georgia, USA
Choice Of Weapon: Candy Red 2001 XX.

Name: Larry Ackerlund
E-Mail: web22qvs@gte.net
Area: Washington
Choice of Weapon: 97 Bird.Mods include, speed screen,tinted rear turn signals,full Erion race system with stage one jet kit,and a K-N filter.Also Race tech springs, gold valves.

Name:  Dave Allen
E-Mail:  twister1969@aol.com
Area: Indiana
Choice Of Weapon:  2003 model

Name:  David Anderson
E-Mail: bikenskida@hotmail.com
Area: Snohomish, Washington
Choice Of Weapon: 2000 model in grey, givi hard bags

Name: Billy Andrews “Jay”
E-Mail: jmacc2000@hotmail.com
Area: Georgia 
Choice Of Weapon: Red 2001 XX. K&N Air filter, Power Commander, Double bubble Windscreen, Pro-Grip Gel Grips, Red anodized tank bolts & rear sprocket nuts, Red under seat neon lighting, Full Yoshimura RS-3 Race exhaust system, Blue high intensity Xeon headlight bulbs, 47 tooth rear Vortex sprocket

Name:  Paul Arne
E-Mail:  paul_arne@sbcglobal.net
Area: Wheaton, IL. 
Choice Of Weapon:  1997 model. JT sprockets 16 front 45 rear, RK GB530GXW chain, bobbed rear fender, BT-010 increased rear to a 190/50ZR-17, front stock size.

Name: Bob Atkinson
E-Mail: bob.atkinson@rbcdain.com 
Area: Bellingham, Washington
Choice Of Weapon:  2002 model, Silver, Corbin seat, Heli Bars, Magnite tank bra,smoked windscreen, honda tank bag, and heated grip wraps

Name:  Craig Alan Auman
E-Mail:  rockskii@aol.com
Area: Hartsville, South Carolina
Choice Of Weapon: 2000 model

Name:  David B
E-Mail: xxss@rock-river.com
Area: Washington, DC
Choice Of Weapon:  2001 model, Standard trim

Name: Marc Bamberg
E-Mail: mbamberg@yahoo.com
Area: San Diego California
Choice Of Weapon: 1999 model, Jardislip-onspoPC-IIPCII, Zero Gravity Double Bubble windscreen and a set of Jaws shrooms, 

Name:  Kevin Beehn
E-Mail:   kevin@seaspace-usa.com
Area: San Francisco, CA
Choice Of Weapon: 2002 CBR1100XX, Yoshi RS-3 Slip ons, Power comander PCII, K&N Filter, Dunlop D207RR rubber, Eliminater rear fender ( custom job ) replaced stock turn signals with Short Stalk Marker Lights.

Name: Alan Belnap
E-Mail: alanbelnap@hotmail.com
Area: Seattle, Washington
Choice Of Weapon: 1997 XX, Corbin Seat.

Name: Brian Bell
E-Mail: zrx1100@comcast.net
Area: Virginia
Choice Of Weapon:  2003 model, Standard trim

Name: Tom Bello
Area: New Jersey
Choice Of Weapon:  1998 model.

Name: Steve Bennett
E-Mail: smb66@earthlink.net
Area: Santa Cruz, California
Choice Of Weapon: 1997 Carb XX. Corbin & Givi make the bird the ultimate touring speed machine. "If I wanted to ride a couch, I'd stay home"

Name: Jack Bishop
E-Mail: jackbishop@squeegeeinc.com
Area: Waukesha, Wisconsin
Choice Of Weapon: 1999 Injection XX.

Name: Robert E Bly Jr
E-Mail: reblyjr@yahoo.com
Area: Fontana C.A
Choice Of Weapon: 2002 model

Name:  Todd Borandi
E-Mail: mcsetrainer@hotmail.com
Area: Sandy, Utah
Choice Of Weapon:  1999 model, two brothers carbon fibre slipons.

Name: Bruce Borgeois
E-Mail: BB09A@aol.com
Area: Mandeville, LA
Choice Of Weapon: 2001 ST1100, on the hunt for a Bird!!!

Name:  Jeanne 'Terry' Bort
E-Mail:  raddragn@ix.netcom.com
Area: Vancouver, Washington
Choice Of Weapon:   2001 model

Name:  Jay Brady
E-Mail:  teddybear76179@yahoo.com
Area: USA
Choice Of Weapon:  2000 model

Name: Frank J. Bridges II
E-Mail: frankjb2@earthlink.net
Area: USA
Choice of Weapon: 1998 XX. corbin gunfighter seat, heli bars, pyramid double bubble shield, carbotex rear hugger, Yoshimura RS3 exhaust Erion jet kit, K&N air Speigler stainless steel brake line kit.

Name:  Bob Brown

E-Mail: Click here to email
Area: LA, California, USA
Choice Of Weapon:   '99 CBR1100XX Black

Name:  Richard Brown
E-Mail:  shoguy@charter.net
Area: Missouri
Choice Of Weapon:  1997 model. It has a Honda
Performance parts engine rebuild with race valves, roll gold chain, Zero Gravity Double Bubble windshield and a custom Orange paint job

E-Mail: seattledawg@hotmail.com
Area: Bremerton, Seattle
Choice Of Weapon: 1997 Honda CBR11XX Super Blackbird. It has been modified to 1300 cc's by Mike Velasco Racing in Bremerton, WA, US. Also the turn signals have been removed and combined into the brake lights. Lockhart-Phillips Euro-Screen, 170 BHP. Weisco pistons, Carrillo Titanium Rods, Web Camshaft, Web oversized intake and exhaust valves Dyna 2000 Ignition

Name:  William H Brown
E-Mail: brownhofner@aol.com
Area: New York
Choice Of Weapon:  1997 Model with a yoshimura pipe.

Name:  Tracy Bruffett
E-Mail:  tbrufett@bswintl.com
Area: Tulsa
Choice Of Weapon:   2003 model

Name:  Mike Burkhart
E-Mail:  Mike.Burkhart@AlconLabs.com
Area: Dallas/Fort Worth
Choice Of Weapon:   1999 model,  double bubble, helibars.

Name: Jim Casey
E-Mail: jimcasey@attbi.com
Area: Dallas Area
Choice Of Weapon: 1997 XX.

Name: Hugo J Cedeno
Area: The Woodlands, Texas
Choice Of Weapon: 1997 model, 4-2-1 two brothers, K&N filter, throttlemeister, nice and unique decals (RED), pilot sport front and rear 190, cut tail to european style with hugger, at rear ram inserted and modify tail light and turn signal lights modified from single to dual., contact racing plugs, jet kit, carbon tank cap, 3M tape for tank protection, blue headlight, side cases are carbon covers, special made secon look seat (black and grey) D.I.D 530 gold chain. LED tire valve cap (red). click for pic  click for pic  

Name:  George Checkal aka Axman
E-Mail:  ggardner@protectiveair.com
Area: Sierra Madre, California
Choice Of Weapon:  2003 model.  Hyperpro steering damper, Escort 8500, tank bra, corbin gunfighter seat

Name: Kevin Christenson
E-Mail: doublex@ameritech.net
Area: Michigan
Choice Of Weapon: Black 1997, lots of mods

Name: Chad Chupek
E-Mail: chupek@juno.com
Area: South Alabama
Choice of Weapon: 2001 XX, Mag Knight.

Name: Wayne J. Churchill
E-Mail: wjcaxe@hotmail.com
Area: Orlando, FL
Choice Of Weapon: 2000 XX, Titanium, stock.

Name:  Cesar A Claveria
E-Mail:  csupertaco@yahoo.com
Area:  Los Angeles county, California
Choice Of Weapon:   1997 model. Custom corbin seat, smuggler, corbin beetle bags, genmar risers, tourmaster tank bags, custom taller windshield (zero gravity).  Throttlemeister cruise control.

Name:  Charles Brent Conger
E-Mail:  congercb@charter.net
Area: USA
Choice Of Weapon:  2000 model, Painted Black with red and chrome stickers. Awaiting MIG duel high mounts, Chrome wheels and swing arm also on order. Ignition dial guages, mototech undertail and Fabri double bubble screen.

Name: John Gregory Daignault
E-Mail: rbrdxx@yahoo.com
Area: Florida
Choice of Weapon: Red 2001 XX, Staintune slip-ons & Pyramid hugger.

Name: Jon Danek
E-Mail: xx_rider@excite.com
Area: Wisconsin
Choice Of Weapon: 1997 XX with a Two Bros. full system and Factory Jet Kit.

Name: Rich DeGore
E-Mail: rdegore@cfl.rr.com
Area: Orlando
Choice Of Weapon: 1997 XX.

Name: Rich DiBuo 
E-Mail: dibuo@linkline.com
Area: Lompoc, California
Choice Of Weapon: Y2K XX. Micron Zeta Race System 4-1 Scorched Titanium can , Power Commander II running Akarpovic Map, K&N Air Filter, Mototeck Undertail Kit, Blacked out front turn signals, Zero Gravity Double Bubble tinted screen, Corbin Gunfighter and Lady seat with backrest, Rennsport Super-Sports, Polished Lockhart Phillips Brake and clutch reservoir caps with carbon triple tree cover and mag knight tank guard, and a Scott-Oiler.

Name:  Craig Dinger
E-Mail:  craig@dendys.com
Area: Las Vegas
Choice Of Weapon:  2001 Candy Apple Red. Micron 4-2-1 with scorched Titanium small oval can. Power Commander II with Micron full exhaust map. Gold EK chain and sprockets. Clear front and rear turn signal lenses. Home made fender cut off and license plate holder. Zero Gravity Double Bubble screen in dark smoke. 

Name:  Fernando Dominguez
E-Mail:  theprintplace@bizlaredo.rr.com
Area: Laredo, Texas
Choice Of Weapon:   1999 fuel injected 'black beauty'. Corbin seat. Also have a 2001 Honda RC-51

Name: Eric Dreeson
E-Mail: eric.dreeson@ppo.kodak.com
Area: Upstate New York
Choice Of Weapon: 2001 XX. Heli-bars, Throttlemiester cruise control.

Name: Charlie Duray
E-Mail: buehler@freeway.net
Area: Northern Lower Michigan
Choice Of Weapon: ‘99XX, Lockhart/Phillips Screen.

Name:  Richard Dusseault
E-Mail:  avrad@cox.net
Area: Conneticut
Choice Of Weapon:   2003 model

Name: James R, Dyer
E-Mail:  jamesrdyer@msn.com
Area: Edgewater, Florida
Choice Of Weapon: 1999 model. D & D slip ons 

Name: Philip J. Eads
E-Mail: silenced7@hotmail.com
Area: Area: Fort Wayne, IN
Choice Of Weapon: 1999 CBR1100XX (black) standard trim ( for now ) Click to veiw 140mph pic

Name:  Robert Edwards
E-Mail: shado101@crosswinds.net
Area: Albuquerque, NM, USA
Choice Of Weapon:  2002 model, titanium, PC111, 2 Brothers full exhaust, auto chain oiler, iridium plugs, undercowl, radarjammer, dash mounted radar detector with helmet connection, remote start/kill/pager alarm system, custom chrome kanji replacements for honda decals.

Name: Jay Fazekas
E-Mail: gwf@columbus.rr.com
Area: Columbus Ohio
Choice Of Weapon: 1998 XX, Full Micron Race System 4-2-1

Name: Terry Fiene
E-Mail: chevy94wagon@hotmail.com
Area: Fort Worth TX
Choice Of Weapon: 1997 CBR1100XX with Heli-Bars, several aftermarket windscreens, and Corbin Beetle bags.

Name:  Mark S Fletter
E-Mail:  msfcbrxx@earthlink.net
Area: Martinez California
Choice Of Weapon: 2001 CBR1100XX Helli Bars, Corbin Gunfighter & Lady Seat with back rest

Name: John Freeman
E-Mail: meslo@jps.net
Area: Chino, California
Choice Of Weapon: 2000 XX-Y Begging for mods!

Name: Terence Geoghegan
E-Mail: tg@iswest.com
Area: Ventura, California
Choice Of Weapon:  2002 model, Silver, Givi three-bag set on SILVER WingRack

Name: Jerry Giles
E-Mail: jjgiles@myvine.com
Area: Kansas
Choice Of Weapon:  2000 model

Name: Terry Gladden
E-Mail: t-dgladden@mindspring.com
Area: North Alabama
Choice Of Weapon: 2000 CBR1100XX Corbin seat , Race Tech springs shortened stalks, Mag Knight tank cover, Zuzarte luggage rack.

Name: Randy Glaze
E-Mail: bdaz.xx@verizon.net
Area: Manteca, California
Choice Of Weapon: 2000 XX W/ Renegade hi pipes, tinted turn signals and light cover, chatterbox, am-fm cd player, cell phone hook-up, black phillips-lockhart windsheild, carbon tank shield/filler cap and key plate, polished wheels with red pinstipe, avon tires, chopped rear fender with recessed turn signals under seat side openings.

Name: David Glick
E-Mail: davg@charter.net
Area: Wisconsin
Choice Of Weapon:  1999 model

Name:  Robert Glover
E-Mail: rglover77@aol.com
Area: Tampa Florida
Choice Of Weapon:  2000 model, Titanium

Name: Scott P. Goodman
E-Mail:  shooter74743@yahoo.com
Area: Hugo, OK
Choice Of Weapon:  1997 model, New screen on way

Name:  Rico Gonzalez
E-Mail:  sgonzalez@charter.net
Area: Fayetteville, Tennessee
Choice Of Weapon:   2002 bird with custom paint and seat.  Its Candy Apple like the 2001.  Was Silver.  Two brothers exhaust system. 

Name: John Goulding
E-Mail: jkgoulding@cox.net
Area: San Diego, CA
Choice Of Weapon:  1999 with about 13,000 miles. It's stock except for a Throttlemeister

Name:  Doug Griffin
E-Mail:  wdgriffin@mynra.com
Area:  Richmond, Virginia
Choice Of Weapon:  1999 model in black (the fastest colour!) Double bubble, new pipes and custom seat coming soon

Name:  Brian Greene
E-Mail:  briangreene@comcast.net
Area: Pennsylvania
Choice Of Weapon:  1984 Honda VF1000F, 1994 Honda Gold Wing SE, 2000 Honda CBR 929RR

Name: Ron S. Hall jnr 
E-Mail: IntelsXX@excite.com
Area: New Mexico
Choice Of Weapon: 2000 XX, too many mods!

Name:  Tony Hall
E-Mail: tonehy@modempool.com
Area: Lansing, Michegan
Choice Of Weapon:  1999 model

Name:  Chris Haislet
E-Mail: zyrex@sbcglobal.net
Area:  Texas
Choice Of Weapon:  No major mods just MIG highmount carbon fibre slip ons, heli bars, throttle meister throttle lock, and bobbed rear end and neons....ok a few minor mods :)

Name:  Roger Hanson
E-Mail:  Janrogerhanson@aol.com
Area: Washington State
Choice Of Weapon:   2003 model in black.

Name:  Robert Henderson
E-Mail:  CBRXX03@Comcast.net
Area:  Albuquerque, New Mexico
Choice Of Weapon:  2003 model

Name: Weldon Hendricks
E-Mail: WHendr6565@aol.com
Area: Rocky Mount, NC
Choice Of Weapon:  1998 model, tinted zero Gravity wind shield, Corbin Gunfighter seat, Micron full exhaust system, Stage one k&N jet kit.

Name: Dexx Henry
E-Mail: DHenry2425@aol.com
Area: Plainfield, New Jersey
Choice Of Weapon: Full Erion Race System, Lockhart Speedscreen, Fender Eliminator Kit, Factory Jet Kit and K&N Equipped. 

Name: George Herron
E-Mail: g1ray@webtv.net
Area: Cincinnati, Ohio
Choice Of Weapon: 99 XX, Black, Givi Screen, Heli-Bars, Ventura, 205G's

Name:  Edward Holm
Area: North Carolina
Choice Of Weapon:   1980 CBX

Name: Allen Holz
E-Mail: allenholz@hotmail.com
Area: Denver, CO USA
Choice Of Weapon: 98' Bird, ass’d. mods, License plate – xxtrem

Name: Ken Isakson
E-Mail: BlackbirdXX1@aol.com
Area: Florida
Choice Of Weapon: 1999 XX.

Name:  Eric Israel
E-Mail:  yrd4sd@cox.net
Area: Warner Robins, Georgia
Choice Of Weapon:  99 model, with tank bra, corbin solo seat, Vance and Hines SS2-R pipe. Heli bars, Corbin hard saddle bags, tinted screen 

Name: Bruce Hansen
E-Mail: beh@roisystems.com
Area: Burnsville, MN
Choice Of Weapon: 2002 Silver XX-2.

Name:  David Humble
E-Mail:  dhumble@attglobal.net
Area: Cleveland, OH
Choice Of Weapon: '01 Honda CBR11xx Superblackbird - Candy Red SS2-R Slip-On with Aluminum Canister - Exhaust

Name: Jeffrey F. Hiestand
E-Mail: hiestajf@ase.1maw.usmc.mil
Area: Honolulu, Hawaii 
Choice Of Weapon(s): Black '97 XX, Red 2001 XX

Name:  Chris Huckeby
E-Mail:  huckebyhomz@aol.com
Area: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Choice Of Weapon:   1997 model.  2mm over bore, W/JE pistons, webb cams, stage 3 race port by Lazer porting, backcut transmission, H3/h4 Hybrid turbo W/MR turbo fuel injection, speedlink adj, lowering link, exoticycle swingarm extensions (3-7") custom chrome wheels, and bright orange custom paint.

Name: Jason Jagneaux
E-Mail: jagno13@msn.com
Area: Indiana
Choice Of Weapon: 1999 model

Name: Ron James
E-Mail: ron-vicjames@att.net
Area: Illinois outside of Chicago
Choice Of Weapon:  1997 model, D&D Slipons, Corbin Smugler single seat, diamond blue halogen bulbs and a K&N air filter. New Dunlop 208 Rear tyre Click to Veiw pic 1 2 3

Name:  Gary Jefferson
E-Mail:  jeffersongm@psns.navy.mil
Area: Seattle 
Choice Of Weapon:  03 Suzuki Hayabusa

Name: R. Greg Jessen Sr.
E-Mail: backfoot@labyrinth.net
Area: Morgantown W. Va.
Choice Of Weapon: 2002 Silver XX. JAWS footpegs, frame sliders, stainless bar-ends, Targa tank bra.

Name: Wesley H. Johnson, Jr.
E-Mail: wesj@rocketmail.com
Area: Harrisburg, PA
Choice Of Weapon: Unmodified 1999XX

Name:  Fred Kafer
E-Mail:  kaffm11@comcast.net
Area: Aurora, Co
Choice Of Weapon:  1999 model. zero gravity double bubble, erion titanium slip ons, k&n filter 

Name:  Jim Karner
E-Mail: jkarner54@yahoo.com
Area: Northwest Indiana
Choice Of Weapon:  1997 model in black

Name: Glenn Katrancha
E-Mail: cbr1100xx@floodcity.net
Area: Pennsylvania
Choice Of Weapon: 1997 Carburettor Blackbird.

Name: Kel
E-Mail: ookel@pacbell.net
Area: Ventura, California
Choice Of Weapon: 1997 Carburettor XX.

Name: Tom Kent Click to veiw picture
E-Mail: tommkent@comcast.net
Area: Panama City, Florida
Choice Of Weapon:  2001 model, Standard trim

Name: Michael R. Ketchum
E-Mail: ceo@ketchum-hurricane.com
Area: Oklahoma
Choice Of Weapon: 1998 CBR1100 XX-W, No mods yet 

E-Mail: tvking@prodigy.net
Area: Indiana
Choice of Weapon: EBC HH brake pads, Two Bros. 4-2-1 w/ aluminum can, jet kit, K&N filter, 48 tooth Vortex rear sprocket, Ohlins shock, ProGrip grips, Second Look seat cover, DeltaGFX clock decals, tinted ft signals and tail light, LP tinted carbon "bullet" rear signals, chopped & trimmed rear fender, Magical Racing CF & iridium screen, Magic Mushrooms, TapeWorks belly pan decals, bars raised 3/4"

Name: Bryant Kleinfeldt
E-Mail: sr71habu@hotmail.com / brutaldiver@hotmail.com
Area: Kemper Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio
Choice of Weapon: 1997 Carb’d Black.

Name:  Wade Klun
Area: Lakewood, Ohio 
Choice Of Weapon:   1998 model

Name:  Troy Kratz
E-Mail: redwingblackbird@sbcglobal.net
Area: wisconsin
Choice Of Weapon:  2001 cbr 1100xx, Two brothers titanium slip ons, power commander, k & n filter,givi side bags and top case, throttlemeister.

Name: Bill Kraus
E-Mail: Blkbrdrydr@aol.com
Area: Grosse Pointe, Michigan
Choice Of Weapon: 2001 XX. Philips H7 Premium Headlight Bulbs, Saeng Edging on the windscreen, Heli-Bars Gel Grips, Corbin Beetle Bags, Russell Day-Long Saddle, Scottoiler Touring Kit, MagKnight Tank Bra, Bobbed Rear Fender, Pyramid Fenda Extenda, Pyramid Rear Hugger.

Name:  David Krauthamer
E-Mail:  dkrauthamer@aol.com
Area: New Jersey
Choice Of Weapon:  2001 model, MIG Pipes, ZG Double Bubble, Carbon Fibre Engin Covers, Oil Temp Meter, Throttlemeister, GPS, Frame Sliders, Rentec Rack, Corbin Smuggler, Turn Signals built in license plate.

Name: Jim Kress
E-Mail: Jimster58@aol.com
Area: Martinez, California
Choice Of Weapon: 2002 CBR1100XX, Galfer stainless hydraulic lines, 2002 VFR 800 bars, ProGrip 714's, near future: JAWS crash 'shrooms and frame plugs, Pyramid hugger, Akrapovic Ti Sports Production system.

Name: Keith Kroxo (Crash)
E-Mail: kroxo@hotmail.com
Area: Hanford, California.
Choice Of Weapon: 99 XX with Cheetah SST windscreen, HotGrips, 12Volt power socket, flush mount rear blinkers.

Name: Phil Krug
E-Mail: krugp@mac.com
Area: Salem, Oregon
Choice Of Weapon: 
2003 K1200GT

Name: Tony LaMantia
E-Mail: tjlmudman@aol.com
Area: High Desert area of California
Choice Of Weapon:  2000 model, K&N Air filter.

Name: Ross Lamberth
E-Mail: rosslamberth@hotmail.com
Area: Humble, Texas
Choice Of Weapon: 1999 model

Name:  Donnie Lankford
E-Mail:  dlankfor@rogersgroupinc.com
Area:  Southeastern Tennessee 
Choice Of Weapon:  1999 model in black of course (they are faster)  Akrapovic 4-2-1, titanium pipe, bobbed rear fender, short stalk rear turn signals, polished wheels, tinted screen and a corbin gunfighter & Lady seat with back rest.

Name:  Ron Latham
E-Mail:  jrlatham@cox.net
Area: Oklahoma
Choice Of Weapon:  1998 model

Name:  Nina Lazzeroni
E-Mail:  stormy95@earthlink.net
Area: Las Vegas, NV
Choice Of Weapon:  1998 model

Name: Keith Lefevre
E-Mail: bar10dah@hotmail.com
Area: Phoenix, Arizona
Choice Of Weapon:  1998 model, Two Brothers Pipes

Name: Mark Livingood
E-Mail: Mark@WeRLivingood.com
Area: Near Atlanta, Georgia
Choice Of Weapon: '98 CBR1100XX

Name: Steve Illige
E-Mail: oneriver@centurytel.net
Area: Cathlamet, wa
Choice Of Weapon:  2000 model, 2 Bros carbon slip ons, Custom seat, GPS, LP speed screen, Heli bars

Name: Don Lunco
E-Mail: DLUNKO@cfl.rr.com
Area: Orlando, Florida
Choice Of Weapon:
2002 CBR1100XX-2 Super Blackbird (previous bike was a '93 CBR1000F)

Name: Vernon Lux
E-Mail: vlklwood@jvil.com
Area: Jerseyville, IL
Choice Of Weapon: '99 XX with Corbin Gunfighter & Lady, raised bars, Chase Harper Mag. tank bag, Mag Knight tank bra, Tourmaster soft luggage (when needed) and Two Brothers Caron Fibre Slip-Ons.

Name: Randy Maale
E-Mail: randynicole@excite.com
Area: Florida
Choice Of Weapon: 1999 model, Standard trim

Name: Marc
E-Mail: harleys_suck_azz@hotmail.com
Area: Kansas
Choice Of Weapon: 1997 Honda Blackbird, carbs, LOUD high level exhaust, magic mushrooms, 110 watt aux. driving lights, no center stand, tail mods. This guy HATES Harley Davidsons!

Name:  Jerome D Marable
E-Mail:  jmarable@verizon.net
Area: Seattle, Washington State
Choice Of Weapon:  2001 Red Model, Lock/Phillips Dark smoke euro screen, corbin beetlebags, and corbin gunfighter & lady seat with matching back rest, GPS V, and throttle meister

Name:  Jeremiah Meyer
E-Mail: ekproducts@yahoo.com
Area: Ft Wayne, Indiana
Choice Of Weapon:  1999 model, Erion Racing pipes, High risers

Name: Terry J. Mayes
E-Mail: tj_mayes@yahoo.com
Area: Houston, TX
Choice Of Weapon:  1997 model, Double bubble windscreen, Corbin beetle bags Leather tank bra, Vista cruise control, HT-202 motorcycle alarm

Name:  Stephen McBrayer
E-Mail: Stephen.McBrayer@diadenver.net
Area: Colorado
Choice Of Weapon:  1999 model, standard trim

Name: Dennis McCartney
E-Mail: cbxman@aol.com
Area: Harveys Lake, PA.
Choice of Weapon: 1997 XX with Micron Exhaust, Factory Jet Kit, Gold painted wheel, Tapeworks graphics, Corbin Seat and Ventura Luggage System.

Name:  Tom McGuigan
E-Mail:  tmcguigan@siprep.org
Area: San Francisco
Choice Of Weapon:   1999 model, givi hard bags system, heated grips, corbin seat, throttlemeister, aftermarket carbon fibre cans

Name: Brett H. Miller
E-Mail: brettmiller1@attbi.com
Area: Florida
Choice of Weapon: Stock 2002 XX.

Name:  Scott Mooney  (XXPilot)
E-Mail:  mooney_scotty@hotmail.com
Area: Wyoming
Choice Of Weapon:  
1998 Honda Blackbird

Full Yoshi RS-3 carbon exhaust, Carbon Front fender,K&N Air filter,Diamond powersports rear blinkers and front/rear pegs,
Clear front blinkers from Clear Alternatives along with LED tail light. Carbon Hugger from Pyramid,
Upholstered seat from Upholstery by La Donna,Fresh paint by Iron Horse Custom Rods.
Fender eliminator manufactured by myself, I etched the Honda Wing on both heel gaurds.
Carbon yoke,tank and gas cap protector, Carbon engine case covers by Engine Armor!!,Double Bubble screen

Name:  John Lambert Morris ll
E-Mail:  jmorris@mchsi.com
Area:  Illinois
Choice Of Weapon:  2003 model in black. Jaws shrooms, givi e52 and e41 luggage (w/common lockset) with five stars top and sideracks, valentine one radar detector with stem side mount. Vista cruise control, zero gravity touring with black mask, gen-mar clip risers (experimental).

Name:  Rick Morris
E-Mail: rcmorris@attglobal.net
Area: Carson City, NV
Choice Of Weapon: CBR1100 XX

Name: Barry Mueller
E-Mail: barrygmueller@aol.com
Area: Yakima Washington
Choice Of Weapon:  1997 model, dynatek ignition module, rear tail light/blinker integrator

Name: Doug Naef
Area: Northwest region, Oregan
Choice Of Weapon:  1998 model, shaved the tail of big rear indicators and licence lamp.

Name:  Chris Neil
E-Mail:  cneilvf1000r@hotmail.com
Area: Washington
Choice Of Weapon: 1998 model, full akrapovic and jet kit. Corbin seat.

Name: Michael Neill
E-Mail: dblxx@bellsouth.net
Area: Springfield, Tennessee
Choice Of Weapon: 1999 model, Yoshimura RS-3 pipes

Name: Blake Norville
E-Mail: blakebird1@home.com
Area: Denver, CO
Choice Of Weapon: LeoVinci titanium slip-ons, HotGrips, Bel radar detector/Saeng mount, heated vest/accessory plug, Michelin Pilot Sports, Ventura Bikepack, Buse Mega magnetic tankbag

Name:  Michael O'Neal
E-Mail:  michael.oneal@pepperdine.edu
Area: Los Angeles
Choice Of Weapon: 2002 model in Silver, VFR bars

Name: Joseph Orchard (rockmeupto125)
E-Mail: cbr1100xx@stny.rr.com
Area: Northern Pennsylvania
Choice Of Weapon: 1999 Fuel Injection.

Name:  Gil Ortale
E-Mail:  gilgortale@aol.com
Area: Philadelphia
Choice Of Weapon:   1998 model.

Name: Richard Oshana
E-Mail: rto733@aol.com
Area: Concord, Massachusetts
Choice Of Weapon: 1997 model

Name:  Brett Pardikes
Area: Arvada, Colorado,
Choice Of Weapon:  2001 model.  Givi bags with optional taillight E52N +E41 keyless. Best money I ever spent on a bike!!!  These things rock!!!  Helibars, corbin seat.

Name: John Parker
E-Mail: cpmodem@bigfoot.com
Area: Southern Oregan
Choice Of Weapon: 2002 model, Hawk Oiler, V-1, Helibars, Hot Grips

Name:  Willie C Parker
E-Mail:  rhuser2k@yahoo.com
Area: North Carolina
Choice Of Weapon:   2000 model.

Name:  Bill Patton
Area: Toledo, Ohio
Choice Of Weapon:   2000 model

Name: Michael J. Pawlak
E-Mail: mjpawlak@yahoo.com
Area: Edwards AFB, California
Choice Of Weapon: 2002 XX, targa tank bra (that's all for now)

Name: Tom Pendarvis
E-Mail: beowulf_on_a_valk@yahoo.com
Area: Ballwin, Missouri
Choice Of Weapon: Y2K 1100XX Blackbird (metallic titanium) w/Helibars, Corbin Smuggler seat, Corbin Hard Bags, Secdem flip windscreen.

Name: Richard E. Pennie
E-Mail: spiderman12@prodigy.net
Area: Stafford, Texas
Choice Of Weapon:  2002 model

Name:  George Perdik
E-Mail:  perdikg@yahoo.com
Area:  Florida
Choice Of Weapon:  2003 model

Name: David Perreault
E-Mail: dperreault@cox.net
Area: Wichita Kansas
Choice Of Weapon: 2000 Honda CBR1100XX Titanium Bird. With Ocelot tank and tail bags, Lockhart-Phillips Euro Shield, License plate mod, Corbin Smuggler seat, Corbin Beetle bags, Foamy grips, Heli bars, Givi windscreen,  Valentine One Radar detector and a D.I.D. X-Ring chain,

Name: Dean Pipes
E-Mail: dpipes@privy.net
Area: Minneapolis 
Choice Of Weapon: 2000 XX, lots of mods!

Name:  Mahlon Pitt
E-Mail:  Mahlon.Pitt@bcctulsa.com
Area: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Choice Of Weapon:  2003 model, Standard at the mo but soon to have Micron/Serpent 4 into 1 full system exhaust with a carbon fiber can

Name: David A Plittman
E-Mail: mrdap@dakotacom.net
Area: Tucson, Arizona
Choice Of Weapon: 2002 Model, Pyrimid hugger, Rocket Locker seat pack, Tankslappers, Shrooms.

Name:  Randy Popp
E-Mail: rpopp1@elltel.net
Area: Yakima. Wa.
Choice Of Weapon: 1998 XX (new 5/99) 43K now
Corbin Saddle & backrest, Corbin Bags, Throttlemeister, Scottoiler, Piaa
lights, Heli-bars, J&M sound sys. w/Intercom. 3-disc cd, Tank bra, Stealth
edging, K&N filter, Wired for Gerbing Electrics, Next Mods...Fuel cell, more
Click to view pic

Name: David Potter
E-Mail: cyclrder@yahoo.com
Area: Greenwich, CT
Choice Of Weapon: 99 Bird Corbin seat and lady, Corbin Beetle bags, Two Bros slip-ons, K&N filter, black painted engine cases and front disc rotor brackets. Power Commander and clear headlamp covers.

Name: Jeremy Preister
E-Mail: jpreister@hotmail.com
Area: Hartland
Choice of Weapon: 2001 XX Modified Tail, Throttle Lock

Name:  David Proffitt   
E-Mail:  bigrockets@attbi.com
Area: West Linn, Oregon
Choice Of Weapon:  2002CBR1100XX Silver - no modifications other than a manual fan switch

Name:  Rick Ptak
E-Mail:  rptak1@ameritech.net
Area: Northwest Illinois
Choice Of Weapon:   1997 model in black, Head and '01 engine by E Fish, carbs and micron pipe.

Name:  Rick Radford
E-Mail: rick@radfordmfg.com
Area: Fort Worth, Texas
Choice Of Weapon: 1999 Model, Tinted signals ( front and rear ) & Headlamp, Heli bars, 16 Tooth sprocket, Corbin Gunfighter and lady seat, Carbontex undertray w/ flushmount signals, K&N filter, Throttlemiester, Double bubble screen, Internaly mounted auto garage door opener leaving small button exposed, Black "mirror" powdercoated wheels

Name: Jeff Raymer
E-Mail: jeffraymer@yahoo.com
Area: USA
Choice Of Weapon: 2002 model in silver.

Name: Ridley R. Reese
E-Mail: rreese7@houston.rr.com
Area: Houston, Texas
Choice Of Weapon:  1997 model, standard trim

Name:  Tim Reynolds
E-Mail:  Dentonbikerboys@cs.com
Area: Denton, Texas
Choice Of Weapon:  2002 model, home modified exhaust!!! Great reduction in backpressure to give pleasureable pull and quicker revs!!!!!!!  Decibel increase only 5db

Name: Phillip Ridgdill
E-Mail: rfoxrdr@earthlink.net
Area: Florida
Choice Of Weapon:  VFR750F,VFR800Vtec,ST1100, KZ1000. I'm considering a 03 Blackbird

Name: Curt L Robinson
E-Mail: redbee03@juno.com
Area: Chicago, Illinois
Choice Of Weapon: 1999 model, 2 brothers exhaust, K&N air filter, PC IIr.

Name: Kenny Rogers
E-Mail: krogers7@tampabay.rr.com
Area: Linton, Indiana
Choice Of Weapon: Titanium 2000 bird with smoke D/bubble, 207's, Corbin gunfighter/lady, saeng mount, TBR C5 CF, shortened smoke rear stalks.

Name:  Bob Romano
E-Mail:  rmromano@aol.com
Area: Long Island, New York 
Choice Of Weapon:  2003 model

Name: Craig Ross
E-Mail: Click here to e-mail
Area: Florida
Choice Of Weapon: 2003 model

Name: Dan Ross
E-Mail: Click here to e-mail
Area: Denver, Colorado
Choice Of Weapon: '97 Bird, Yoshimura Stainless RS3 Race System, Givi Luggage, Corbin Seat.

Name: Gino Saccuman
E-Mail: Click here to e-mail
Area:USA - San Francisco, CA
Choice Of Weapon: 2002 Honda CBR XX Blackbird/Silver

Name:  Christopher Sahlstrom
E-Mail: Click here to e-mail
Area: Washington
Choice Of Weapon:  1997 Model

Name: Roy Seem
E-Mail: hawk49@bellatlantic.net
Area: Northeast Brooklyn, NY
Choice Of Weapon: 2002 Silver (as if I had a choice)
Givi bags & top box,Gen-Mar bar risers,Lockhart euro screen,"shrooms"sliders,Red Fox hugger,Autocom.

Name: John Lawrence Schweiger
E-Mail: lurker@umich.edu
Area: Michigan
Choice Of Weapon: 2002 XX

Name: Dave Seidman
E-Mail: Dseid2@aol.com
Area: New York, NY
Choice Of Weapon: 2000 Titanium Fuel Injected XX.

Name: Craig Allan Severson
E-Mail: craig_severson@yahoo.com
Area: State of Ohio
Choice Of Weapon:  I think I'm buying a salvage-titled (wrecked) 1999 US model, I tend to highly modify my bikes to handle long-distance duties

Name: J E Shiver
E-Mail: JShiver@riverbarges.com
Area: St.Louis, MO
Choice Of Weapon: 1999 Fi Model, Loud D&D Slip-ons, decals, reflectors and centre stand removed, tidied up.

Name: Jervey Sistrunk
E-Mail: trunk@bellatlantic.net
Area: New Jersey
Choice Of Weapon: Carb 1998 XX.

Name:  Amit Singh
E-Mail:  ami_ks@hotmail.com
Area:  Manchester, New Hampshire
Choice Of Weapon:  1999 model in black, corbin seat, jet kit, devil cans, smoked screen.

Name:  Joseph Skelton
E-Mail:  joeskel2002@yahoo.com
Area: Great Lakes IL
Choice Of Weapon:   2002 silver model  picture 1

Name:  Danny C Smith
E-Mail:  smith3109@bellsouth.net
Area: Miramar, Florida
Choice Of Weapon:   2003 model

Name: John C Smith
E-Mail: Johns@bellsouth.net
Area: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Choice Of Weapon: 2001 Candy Red XX. Akropovic full exhaust.K&N filter, remap and Corbin smuggler seat.

Name:  Peter Smith
E-Mail:  peter@airbagservice.com
Area: Pacific Northwest
Choice Of Weapon: 1997 model, mostly stock. 52 litre givi top box

Name: Steve Smith
E-Mail: slsautorest@hotmail.com
Area: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Choice Of Weapon: 
1999 model.Custom paint.Smoothed & polished fork legs,swingarm,levers,front
pegs & brackets.Chrome rear pegs & brackets,side stand & spring,clutch
covers,stator cover,shifter lever,various hardware.Chrome
windshield.Sargents seat cover with purple piping.Polished alum./carbon
fibre reservoir covers.Purple gel grips.Throttle lock.Carbon fibre tripple
clamp cover.Polished stainless bar end weights.Custom polished chain
guard.Purple link "x" ring chain.Polished alum. rear sprocket.Sanded &
polished wheels.Clear Alternatives front turn signal assemblies,and rear
l.e.d. tail light assem.Polished alum. after market rear signal
assemblies.Full Muzzy stainless & alum. exhaust system.Carbon fibre gas cap
cover.Sanded smooth & polished rear brake lever.Custom decal set.K&N
filter.Nickel plated Heli-Bars. That "all" for now, I think!

Name: Gary R. Solera
E-Mail: bones1@houston.rr.com
Area: Houston, TX
Choice Of Weapon: Black 1999 XX. Corbin Seat & Back-Rest, Two Bros pipes. Helibars.

Name:  Mark Anthony Sproviero aka PavementPounder
E-Mail: msproviero@comcast.net
Area: Flint, Michigan
Choice Of Weapon:  2003 model.

Name: Alex Staley
E-Mail: abs3400@cablelynx.com
Area: Texas, USA
Choice Of Weapon: 1999 Bird. Akro 4-1 Ti system, mototek tail, repainted blue.

Name: Joe Steiner (speedygeezer)
E-Mail: stiener@alltel.net
Area: Winfield, KS
Choice Of Weapon:  1999 model, Standard trim

Name:  Dave Steinke
E-Mail:  AIRBOSS1075@aol.com
Area: Prospect Heights
Choice Of Weapon:  2003 model

Name: John Stewart
E-Mail: nosemitten@aol.com
Area: Louisville Ky
Choice Of Weapon: 99 XX with Acrapovic full exh, ported and milled head, Erion Racing cams degreed to spec, K&N filter, power commander, hyper white headlight bulbs. 2nd Bike 00 ZX-12 with 1270cc Muzzy motor, Dymag wheels, JMC swing arm, air shifter, carbon fibre bits, ect. ect

Name: Joe Steiner
E-Mail: stiener@alltel.net
Area: Winfield, KS
Choice Of Weapon:  99 XX - only mods are frame sliders and a Cheetah screen

Name: Don Stout Jnr. (aka “Big Boy”)
E-Mail: dogodon@fast.net
Area: Allentown, PA
Choice Of Weapon: '01 Super Blackbird. Givi screen, Corbin Gunfighter, Carbon Tail lights, Race Tech fork springs, Teknic double stack Tank bag, Tourmaster Saddle bags and Teknic Tail pack. Kerker Slip-ons in process.

Name: Boris Sucre
E-Mail: videomac@cwpanama.net
Area: Panama, Republic of Panama, Central America
Choice Of Weapon: 1999 model  picture 1

Name: Mike Swartz 
E-Mail: mike_swartz@cocreate.com
Area: Colorado
Choice Of Weapon:  1997 model. stock trim

Name:  Cecil Taylor
E-Mail: ckljtaylor@att.net
Area: NJ, USA 
Choice Of Weapon:  2001 model

Name: Jack Teahan
E-Mail: jteahan0321@cs.com
Area: New Jersey
Choice Of Weapon:  2000 model, Painted bike "flat black",All graphics in carbon fiber w/ red outline, White face guages w/red needles, Blacked out the front tubes & swingarm- painted, Blacked out all original "silver" alluminum (trees, pegs, levers.ect.) Blacked out head light w/ black screen, Stainless steel brake & clutch lines w/ s.s. banjo's, Stainless steel hardware all around, Braking "wave" rotors up front, Corbin gunfighter & lady w/optional backrest (black weave w/red trim), Power comander II, K-N filter, Irridium plugs, US Tsubaki Alpha chain, Sprocket specialist sprockets (1 up rear - 1 down frt.), Pyramid under tail & carbon fiber hugger, Clear alternatives LED tailight & L.P. clear signals, Mig carbon fiber cans with upsweep mid pipes, Plasma coated the header pipe, Carbon fiber "look" brake & clutch levers, Carbon fiber: engine covers, fork protectors, triple tree cover, fork tube, cap nut covers,, tank pad, gas cap cover,heel guards & lic. plate frame, Powerbronze "double bubble" windscreen in deep red

Name: Edward Tomsej (E.T)
E-Mail: tomsej@home.com
Area: Shelby Twp, Michigan
Choice Of Weapon: 1999 Fuel Injected XX.

Name: Son Tran
E-Mail: sonthtr@pacbell.net
Area: California
Choice Of Weapon:  2002 model, Modified O2 sensor to alter fuel mixture.

Name:  Dwayne Turek (Turk)
E-Mail:  turk19938@yahoo.com
Area: Dover, Delaware
Choice Of Weapon:  1997 model in black, stock for now but won't be for long!

Name: Mike Turner
E-Mail: mturner406@mchsi.com
Area: Bettendorf, Iowa
Choice Of Weapon: 1997 model, standard trim

Name:  Seth Visser
E-Mail:  sethv@medallioncabinetry.com
Area: Minnesota
Choice Of Weapon:   1998 model

Name: Warchild
E-Mail: cbr1100xx@superbikeclub.com
Area: Washington State
Choice Of Weapon: Titanium XX Heli-Bars, PIAA 910's, HawkOiler, Kriss Modulators.

Name: Chris Weaver
E-Mail:   CWeaver225@netscape.net
Area: New Jersey
Choice Of Weapon:  1997 model, Ohlins shock, Race-tech modified fork (springs, oil, bushings, gold valve), Corbin saddle, Vance and Hines SS2R full exhaust, K&N Filter, Factory jet kit, Sprocket Specialists 55t rear sprocket, Linked braking eliminator kit, SS clutch line, dot 5 fluid, rear hugger, 1/4 twist throttle with an RC51 starter/kill switch, billit gas cap, ignition advancer, and some polished parts: Swingarm, rearsets, passenger peg mounts, triple clamp, wheel edges, forks, levers, and the c/s sprocket cover

Name:  Michael Webster
E-Mail: xcr6002002@yahoo.com
Area: Anchorage, Alaska
Choice Of Weapon:  2002 model, No mods (yet)

Name: Kevin Weier
E-Mail: kevin.weier@commerceone.com
Area: San Francisco, California
Choice Of Weapon: Baglux tank cover, Throttlemeister cruise control, Magical Racing trick kit & hugger, Corbin Smuggler seat, Zero Gravity tinted windscreen, PIAA Extreme white headbulbs, Race Tech gold valve front springs.

Name:  Dan J Westover
E-Mail:  westoverdan@msn.com
Area: Northern Colorado
Choice Of Weapon:   1997 Model

Name: Jon White (Jonny)
E-Mail: jon@spectralgrp.com
Area: Ohio
Choice Of Weapon: 1997 Carb, Full Erion 4into1 Carbon Racing Exhaust System.

Name:  Mike Wilbur
E-Mail:  mike@chaserkeywest.com  http://www.chaserkeywest.com
Area: Key West
Choice Of Weapon:  Bandit rider looking for a Bird!

Name: Keith Winter
E-Mail: kwinter@starband.net
Area: California
Choice Of Weapon: 2003 model

Name: Pete Wisner
E-Mail: Wizzdawg@aol.com
Area: Mill Creek, WA
Choice Of Weapon: 1998 Blackbird, No Mods.

Name:  David Young
E-Mail:  dwy64@hotmail.com
Area: United States
Choice Of Weapon:  1997 model, 4 into 1 two brothers carbon fibre, K&N filter, dial a jet, 5 degree timing advancer, protect gas cap protector, tankpad, lockart bar ends all in carbon fibre

Name: Greg Zebrowski
E-Mail: subrock4734@attbi.com
Area: Colorado 
Choice Of Weapon: 1999 CBR 1100xx black. mostly stock... K&N air filter, Two Bros. titanium full system exhaust, Viper alarm system with tilt sensor and ignition cut off, Passport radar detector, Magknight tank bra, Fox Tank bag, gold chain and iridium plugs

Name: Glenn Zelniker
E-Mail: glennz@z-sys.com
Area: Gainesville, Florida
Choice Of Weapon: 2000 Titanium, Heli bars, Yoshimura exhaust.


Choice Of Weapon: